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Our Company

JST Gear Manufacturer is a global producer of high precision gears and other transmission components. Our primary line of products includes precision gears,timing belt pulleys,sprockets, roller chain sprockets, worm gears, worm shafts, and gear racks. In addition to these product lines, we also provide customization options in order to meet whatever specifications you may need. JST products are designed for use in automatic machinery, gearboxes, 3D printers, machine tools, cars, and many other pieces of equipment. We source our raw materials from Baosteel Group, who supply us with high quality steel that is reliable and results in products that are built to perform with longevity. Here at JST, we strive for greatness and we do that through superior production!

Custom Made Service

Dongguan JST Gear Manufacturer has the capabilities and technical experience to provide customers with custom made gear products. We use materials designated by the customer and according to their design and application requirements. The materials used in our production process are lead and mercury free and are in strict accordance with environmental regulations.

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Manufacturing Factory

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Dongguan JST Gear Manufacturer

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